Jelle Booij

Admission game

Team size:

This is the game that I made for my admission at HKU. The game starts off as a 2D pixel art game but becomes increasingly more 3D as you progress. This represents my development as a game developer.

The gameplay is a mix between bomberman and packman. You have to use mines to kill the enemies. All enemies have to be killed in order to go to the next level. You can also get killed by the mines yourself so you have to be smart about the amount of mines that you place.

The project consisted of 2 challenges for me, the enemy AI and the 2D/3D effect. The AI was hard because the enemies had to wander around without bumping into each other. I couldn't use unity's navmesh because the AI was supposed to always travel in a straight line.

It took me some time to figure out a good way to achieve the 2D/3D effect. I ended up using a render texture with a low resolution to achieve the effect. I also made a shader with Shader Forge to transition between a solid color unlit shader to a lit shader with a texture.