Jelle Booij

Party game

Team size:
5 people

This game is meant to be played at parties. The game picks 2 people and gives them a challenge that they have to complete in order to get points. I created this game together with 4 people.

The game was originally made for a school assignment. We had to make a game about the #MeToo discussion so we made an overly sexuallized party game to see how people would react.

I used unity's UI system to create this game. It tought me a lot about designing for multiple aspect ratios and the optimisation of UI. I also learned a little bit about graphic design because I worked very closely with a graphic designer to make the UI.

We are planning on releasing the game for android. I'm currently redoing all the code because the project was done in very little time and the code was a mess. We are also redesigning the game to be better suited as an actual party game.