Jelle Booij

Puzzel platform game

Team size:
5 people

This game is inspired by games like Limbo and Inside. Its a side scroller platform game in which you have to solve little puzzles. The game was made by a team of 5 people. I did all the programming for this game. The rest of the team consisted of 3 artists and a designer.

Making a platform game in unity turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. Unity doesn't have a built in 2D player controller for platform games so I had to build my own. I first started from scratch, but because of time constraints, I eventually settled on using a controller from this tutorial series as a base. I added the ability to push boxes to this controller.

I was also involved in the design and the implementation of the puzzles. We reused a lot of puzzle elements in different ways, this was a good way to reduce the amount of work and keep the project manageable.

During this project I found out that Unity is not always the best solution for everything. Even though it has 2D features, it's really a 3D engine. The next time I make a 2D game I would like to explore engine's / frameworks like Monogame and Game maker. I made some little games with game maker in the past and it seems much better suited for 2D game development.