Jelle Booij

Global gamejam 2019

Team size:
5 people

Last year the global game jam was really fun, so I participated again this year. We had the same team and we were determined to make a game that was better than the game that we made last time.

The theme was: "What home means to you". Our initial idea was to make a nursing home management simulator, but after working on this idea for 12 hours we decided that it wasn't working. The gameplay wasn't fun and it would take too much time to make it fun.

We came up with a new idea, you play as an old guy in a wheelchair and you have to escape the nursing home. The man uses his diarrhea to propel himself forward. You can also hit nurses to get some food which gives you more diarrhea. This idea turned out to be really fun and funny.

The code of this game was actually really simple. I spend some time on tweaking the movement of the wheelchair to make it feel right and I made a camera that zooms based on your speed. The nurses just follow a fixed path so that was really simple as well. I did not do all of the code myself. Another developer made an fade-in and fade-out effect at the start and end of the level. The UI was also not programmed by me.

We actually ended up winning the contest. It was really satisfying to see both kids and adults having fun with our game.